Milford Sound in New Zealand


Nina ricci

Milford Sound in New Zealand

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Freddie Mercury, Bohemian Rhapsody.

coolinmorgan said: the problem with roma is : (no totti no party) he won't come back until the end of this year :( . what do you think of adam ljajic ?

Adam is very good player, and I am big fan for Adam since when he was with Fiola. I think he does very well this season.

coolinmorgan said: I'm waiting for ( juve x roma ) juve is strong and roma is angry, it's gonna be a good game

You are right it will be interesting season in seria a , i’ve got something special its about roma. I’ll put a picture soon


my favorite picture ever


my favorite picture ever

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Is is one of those episodes that was so important to the show. Not because it was major plot device but because it was an episode that, for the most part, was random yet hit every viewer right in the heart.

Why did no one remember her?

Does this episode show what humans are capable of or does this show a side of the doctor never witnessed before?

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